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  • "Se tivermos uma aplicação como a Coach ID onde podemos compilar a informação e daí retirar conclusões para o processo que temos de desenvolver facilita muito o nosso trabalho"
    João Lapa
    Preparador físico Wolverhampton
    "A Coach ID é uma ferramenta fantástica que vai revolucionar o conceito de aplicações no futebol"
    Ricardo Formosinho
    Adjunto de José Mourinho
    "A Coach ID App vem preencher uma lacuna outrora existente na modernização do treinador português. Com apenas uma App torna-se possível gerir uma equipa em toda a sua plenitude"
    Pedro Bouças
    Blog Lateral Esquerdo
"Coach ID is a fantastic tool that will revolutionize the concept of applications related to football."
Ricardo Formosinho
Assistant Coach of José Mourinho
“Coach ID is an application which allows us to compile information and draw conclusions needed for our team’s development process, this makes our work much easier.”
João Lapa
Fitness Coach Wolverhampton
"Coach ID App will fill a gap that once existed in the modernization of the Portuguese coach. With only one App, coaches can manage all aspects of their team."
Pedro Bouças
Blog Lateral Esquerdo
“Utilizing the Coach ID app is a brilliant tool for simplifying the decision-making process for the development of individual and collective progression within your team.”
Bjørn Vidar Stenersen
Fitness Coach at FC Copenhagen U-19


The software assists the coach in tasks related to planning, tactical work, exercise design, game analysis, or other functions that are essential for team preparation.
On the other hand, Coach ID Connect allows communication between players at several levels.

The solution for coaches and clubs
Desktop, laptop ou tablet

Mobile access available soon

An app exclusively for players

Coach ID Key Functions

1. Creation of teams and players:

  • Individual registration of players by position
  • Player Identification
  • Player Attributes
  • Visualization of Training Impact (training analyses)
  • Fitness evaluation tests

Possibility of importing players into various rosters (teams) without loss of data.

All added players can be uploaded to teams in future seasons.


2. Game calendar

Planning of next match with monthly calendar view


  • Identification of the opponent
  • Home / Away
  • Expected level of difficulty
  • Date / Time
  • Type of Competition

The planning of the match precedes the definition of the Game Plan.


3. Creation of process / Game Model

Planning of the methodology and characterization of the processes of the game, adaptable to the club or team:

  • Moment of Offensive Organization
  • Moment of Defensive Organization
  • Moment of Offensive Transition
  • Moment of Defensive Transition
  • Set Pieces

Allows the linking of exercises and videos associated with each game principle.


4. Game Plan

  • Select the players to be called-up for the game
  • Determine if you want the players to be notified
  • Implement the starting 11 into the game system
  • Include notes about players

This process anticipates the GAME mode and the recoding of statistical game actions.


5. Exercise Editor

Training exercises help give a team its identity

  • Easily accessible exercise library
  • Exercises can be categorized at the tactical level (Organization? Transition? Set Pieces?) and at the physical stimulus level (metabolic / pattern of dominant contraction)
  • Detailed description of the behaviors and criteria of success
  • Various editing tools
  • Video link to exercise
  • Connection to calendar planning, allowing the coach to create a training sheet with the exercises

6. Training analysis

Control of the training load through Acute Load / Chronic Load ratio

  • After training / game, the player indicates the intensity they felt (0-10) – Rate of Perceived Exertion or RPE
  • The system automatically calculates the value of the load (AU) using the duration of the training or game
  • Visual alerts are displayed to identify if the athlete is at risk of injury
  • On the day after the activity, the player reports their state of wellness in 5 parameters
  • Sleep quality
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle soreness
  • Mood

This data is reported by the player in his own App - Coach ID Connect.


7. Planning

Weekly organization according to pre-established contents. Is the session associated to tactical work, technical or conditioning?

Detailed classification of the training plan through:

  • Training time / place
  • Intensity expected
  • Metabolic exposure
  • Primary task
  • Secondary tasks
  • Available of athlete

This tool also allows the coach to add previously created exercises and generate a session plan that can later be printed.


8. Game

Game analysis tool

  • Statistical recording of individual gaming actions
  • Predefined actions + new actions that can be added
  • Mapping
  • 2 chronometers: record game time and playing time
  • Match report

Possibility to associate videos with the specific actions.


Coach ID Connect Key Functions

An app for the players

Available for smartphone in the stores (Google Play / App Store)

While creating the team, the coach registers the player's e-mail and they will be invited to install Coach ID Connect.

From then on, the communication is established:

  • After the session, the player receives a notification to indicate the rate of perceived exertion
  • The next day, the player indicates the wellness state
  • Call-ups are received directly on the player’s phones
  • Exclusive chat for communication and sending data between the coach and players

Why Coach ID?

Designed and structured by Coaches with Coaches in mind.

Modern design, fast operating system, intuitive and prepared for the day-to-day.

Comparatively, the most complete solution in the market.

Affordable for coaches and clubs at all levels.

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Nacional da Madeira

Lateral Esquerdo


Estrutura inter-relacionada


  • Caracterize o clube
  • Crie os seus escalões (+ equipas)
  • Defina os treinadores

Identidade e forma de jogar

  • Defina o modelo de jogo
  • Crie planeamentos
  • Associe vídeos e exercícios


  • Desenhe os seus exercícios
  • Comunique com os seus jogadores
    (app exclusiva coach id connect)

Um clube/treinadores orientados para o futuro

  • Todo o processo de treino do seu clube registado numa só app
  • Fácil acesso e controlo

Registe o seu jogo

  • Faça análise estatística dos seus jogos
  • Inclua no relatório os vídeos dos jogos

Análise do impacto

  • Feedback dos seus jogadores
  • Controle o RPE e analise o bem-estar

O Coach ID é uma ferramenta direcionada a treinadores

Auxilia em tarefas como planeamento, trabalho tático, construção de exercícios, análises de jogos e outras funções que são essenciais para a preparação de uma equipa.

Portabilidade e Segurança dos dados

Em qualquer lugar e em qualquer plataforma
  • Acesso à sua conta em qualquer lugar com ligação à internet
  • Informação introduzida sincroniza automaticamente entre plataformas (PC/TABLET)
  • Todos os dados seguros num servidor próprio da Coach ID (Google Cloud Platform)
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