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The areas of knowledge that influence football performance evolve and change at an amazing rate. Nowadays coaches have easy access to information and the most difficult is sometimes to filter: a) what is more important; b) what best suits its context.

In the following video José Mourinho pay attention to this topic and gives his opinion regarding what makes a process rich: the creation of own knowledge and the operationalization of the ideas.



Each leader has a different style of acting and, although often he must be an actor, the coach should not be governed by an already written script. He must be unique and independent, a "thief of ideas" who steals to build his own model but at the same time can create a very personal and identifiable process.

It is fundamental, therefore, to have clear principles for how the team plays. Adapting more to the characteristics of the players you have? convincing the players of your model no metter what? in any case, it is decisive to know clearly where to go ... and to have this path (which is not linear, that evolves and regresses) structured in advance, because "the best time to look at the map is before entering the forest".


We live in the age of digital, where wisdom and creativity manifest in fingertips. The COACH ID app project stands out because it allows football coaches the possibility of defining their game ideas in line with the training exercises that “give them body”, in a relational logic that comes from a holistic point of view.

We walk towards the future and we want the coaches of the future to walk with us...

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