Creating Training Exercises based on a Game Model


In this ebook you will learn:

  • How to create your own game ideas and how to put those ideas in practice
  • What are general, specific and representative principles, and how to apply them using Coach ID
  • How to create an integral plan for the different phases of the game – offensive and defensive
  • 12 practical exercises created with the application

With Coach ID you are already one step ahead!


Create your own game model (your identity) and link exercises and videos to it


Plan your sessions with exercises created in editor


Obtain information about training loads and well-being indicators. All in an automated form (through the player app – Coach ID connect)


Access all statistical data from your games in live time

João Rico and Acácio Santos, founders of Coach ID

We are both Portuguese football coaches.

Between us we share coaching experiences from an array of contexts. From a national to international level, we seek to feed your insatiable hunger for knowledge of the game.

We studied at FC Barcelona to learn about the methodologies used by one of the greatest teams of all time (Guardiola’s FC Barcelona). We were also students in Jose Mourinho’s High Performance Coaching post-graduation course where we visited José Mourinho and we learned firsthand about his game model and his method of work.

Because we are aware that our concerns are also yours, we want to provide moments of sharing and learning with the objective to help you become a better coach.

We believe, based on our experiences and contact with other coaches, in the necessity of having a platform that would allow coaches to have all the information about their team and their process in one place. We decided to create a software/app – COACHID APP – which satisfies the essential needs of coaches.

We challenge you to experience and discover all of your potential!

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With Coach ID you are already one step ahead!

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