Conditioning with field exercises (Part II)

Hello again, coach

Last week we showed you an example of how to distribute integrated conditioning exercises throughout the week, based on the concepts of tactical periodization.

In summary, this methodology considers that, for each day, the exercises should prioritize a certain energy system and for different patterns of motor contraction, oriented to Tension, Duration or Speed.

The reality is that, on the game, specific high intensity situations alternate with situations developed in large spaces. So, the question is: Does it make sense to also alternate exercises in short spaces with exercises in wide spaces during the same session?

? This way we would create a vertical alternation instead of a horizontal progression.



As we saw in the previous article, each color corresponds to a different pattern of motor contraction. In this case, considering what was previously presented, we consider that in each day the space / time should vary in order to focus, alternately, on each of the "orientations".

The following exercises correspond to a full session, based on this structure, for the training session of match day (-4) - WEDNESDAY.


Main objective of the session: to develop intra-sectorial connection between first and second phases (build up/progression). The target men are our second line midfielders (nº8 and nº10) that we will find after drag the opponent to a flank.

General principle: speed in ball circulation (strong passes)

Specific principle: driving the ball from the first to the second corridor

Representative principles: Nº6 (CMD) drops in between our CBs and allows the fullbacks to go high.

While the first phase players circulate the ball, our target players keep their positions. They should always be “between-lines” that can provide them space to turn and attack the opponent defensive structure.



Description: Rondo 6v2 (+1). The joker must be a midfielder and he must always be moving to find space to receive the ball.

Each time an outside player misses a pass he must go inside (press), changing with the player that was longer in the middle.

At the coach signal, every player must do a 30 m run at high speed and recover, slowly to their positions again.



Description: Intra-sectorial conection - the purpose it´s to find the second line midfielder and after that "burn" lines in progression. FB cannot connect directly with wingers or strikets The situation ends with a numerical advantage opportunity.

If the opponent recovers the ball during the action, they can overcome lines and score only with the oposition from the players inside each space



Description: SSG 4v4 with 2 jokers (CM). The games are played on separated areas and both CM must give support to the team, in each area, that "call" for their participation.
When this players receive the ball, the first movement must be to drive a little bit into the space and only after pass the ball (to simulate the progression action we want from them when they have space).
Each period there are a team that scores on the normal goal and other that only make possession.


As everything related with football, we can formulate opinions but it´s difficult to establish a truth…

Let´s think for a while...

Could this proposal hinder the players' learning because there is no logical progression from micro to macro content?

...or could it be easier to improve players perception by showing them the big picture first?

Good questions to be taken in account!



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