Defensive line articulation - covered/uncovered ball

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Description/Objectives: 7v7 action where each team will use the defensive line plus the midline (in this case illustrated with 4 + 3). The team in possession scores a point whenever it manages to connect a pass to the goalkeeper placed at the opposite end, through the ground or through the air. The goalkeeper's area will be limited in width and depth.

The objective of this exercise is to work on the concepts of open and closed ball, that is, the identification by the defensive line if they should go up or down on the field according to the opponent's behavior:

  • -  If they have the time and space to look deep we will lower the line to prevent the aerialpass from getting into the GK;
  • -  If a back pass comes out or if our midline pressure constrains the opponent with the ball,we will move up the line;
  • -  If the ball enters the corridor and our FB goes up in pressure, the remaining defensive lineis articulated by the CB on the side of the ball.

    It is, in essence, about introducing defensive intra-sectorial behaviors on a smaller scale but which will be fundamental to the mastery of defensive principles.



Form: 7v7 + 2 GK

Duration/pause: 2v8’ | 1.30’

Orientation: Duration

Regime: Aerobic

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