Exercise of the week: Recovering the ball and fast attack

Acácio Santos, head coach of União Desportiva de Santarém and co-founder of Coach ID, brings us a fast attacking exercise after ball recovery.

It is an offensive transition exercise, of winning the ball in a defined space and depth movement to take advantage of free space  to take advantage of the free space.

It is a 5 versus 4 situation plus the goalkeeper, and usually done on Wednesday. Why? Because it is a day of greater tension, therefore, of muscular contraction and, because it is a day that is further away from the game, besides also being with some rest period in relation to the last game considering, for example, Sunday. So, all in all, we are talking about a -4, or a -3, depending on the day of the game.

But, in practical terms, it is an exercise of tension, in which there is a defined space, which can either be further to the right of the field, in the centre, in the left side, or it can also be in several zones.

What does this mean? It means that the orange player, carrier of the ball, has to enter the space and score in the 3 goals, where he receives an opposition from two players. These players have to respect the basic defensive position and also what is the other man's cover, the man who is not pressing the ball carrier.

When they win the ball, the two blues can leave this defined zone, just like the orange. There is therefore immediately a great moment of tension here.

From the moment they leave, there must be a rapid reading of the situation, the use of space, and a move to explore the free space left by the opponent, and progression to completion.

What the blues are asked to do is to be very fast and effective in achieving the goal.





Day of tension!

That is...

High muscle tension, contraction, short actions and strong and explosive actions. We are working hard and with a reduced number of players to achieve the goal. We have an adaptation of what is the positioning of the players and the concrete stimulus during the game. 

This is a simple exercise, even involving some complexity, complete, and that stimulates the players in their needs. 

Form of the Exercise:

- 5 x 4 + GK


- Conquest the ball in a defined space

- In-depth exit to take advantage of the free space

- Fast Reading

- Making the most of space

- Progression to completion


- Orange player who has the ball tries to enter space and score in all three goals, where he receives an opposition from two players

- Players who oppose must respect the basic defensive position and the cover of the man who is not pressing the bearer of the ball

- By winning the ball, the two blues can leave, as well as the orange, the defined zone


Exercise Day : MD - 4 (with game on Sunday. Day of increased tension and muscle contraction)


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