Exercise of the week: Building offensive actions

New exercise: Focus on Offensive Organization

The context for which it was created was:

  • We play in a 1-3-4-3 system
  • We face a team that protects the central space very well but allows space in the corridors that can be used to our progress
  • We've  defined that it is important to attract the opponent to the interior zone in the first phase of building up. There, we will achieve numerical superiority and after some ball circulation we will connect to the corridor so that the fullbacks can accelerate in possession.
    When they reach the finishing area, they can cross or pass to one player inside, creating now a 5x4 + GK situation.



Play starts at the goalkeeper. The team must be positioned with  3 CB + 1 CM + 2 FBs. If they make 6 passes in the first zone, they can progress to the next space, using the sides for that. After that, they will create a quick finishing action in numerical sup (5x4 + GR).
In the case of the opponent recovering the ball in the 1st space, they must try to finish immediately. If they recover it in the farthest sector, they will try to score in two small goals.
The ball always starts from the team that is building up in each period.

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