Flamengo uses the Coach ID app to monitor athletes from home

CR Flamengo, the current Brazilian champion, winner of the Libertadores Cup and runner-up of the world's club championship is using the Coach ID platform to send the training sessions and to assess the impact they have on the athletes.

For not being able to hold group sessions, given the need for prevention imposed by the covid-19, "Mengão" players are at home but they are not on vacation.

Every day the technical staff of Jorge Jesus sends via the Coach ID Chat  the planning of the tasks that the athletes must fulfill.

At the end of the session, each player reports the rating of perceived exertion (RPE) so that the fitness coach can analyze the impact of the load.

The next day in the morning, players will receive a notification via Coach ID Player App, an exclusive app for players. They must answer a wellness questionnaire that assesses, among other things, sleep quality and muscle fatigue.

Monitoring is done especially by the fitness coach Márcio Sampaio.


Know more about how to evaluate athletes according to the  acute / chronic load, available through the Coach ID app.

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