Monitoring training load and wellness with Coach ID App

As a football coach or fitness coach, you know that the wellbeing of your players is critical to their performance on the pitch. That's also an important feature of the Coach ID App, an innovative wellness monitoring tool that can help you take your players' performance to the next level.

- Monitoring of muscle fatigue and recovery
- Monitoring of sleep quality, stress levels and mood

- Identifying potential injuries before they occur
- Personalization of training and recovery plans
- Improved communication between players and coaching staff


Abel Ferreira - Palmeiras coach


In this video, coach Abel Ferreira emphasizes precisely the importance of keeping this daily vigilance, particularly in the sleep aspect.

"Small details" that make all the difference...

Notice that top clubs and coaches use technologies that are not available to everyone. But the good news is that you can do the same job, in a professional way, with the resources available in the Coach ID App.

Don't waste any more time trying to evaluate the wellbeing of your players manually.

Coach ID App is the solution!

Find in the following link all the information you need to start today recording the training load of your athletes and their state of well-being:



Coach h ID - By your side towards success!

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