What's new in Coach ID? New features for the 2020/2021 season

Coach ID continues its commitment to improving the software so that it becomes increasingly the tool of choice for all coaches. After listening to many coaches, we have prepared for this season a set of updates that will certainly help even more in the creation of the methodological process of everyone who uses Coach ID in their daily lives. From the outset, we highlight the intervention in the EXERCISE EDITOR.

Now it will be possible to share the exercises created with other Coach ID users, just insert the registration email of that user so that he receives the exercise in his account;
The exercise may also be printed in isolation (not in the planning of the session);
We've also made some changes to the editor's design to make it easier to handle;
We added new shapes and field colors.

At the level of the PLANNING tab:

The possibility of faster navigation between microcycles has been added

We added a new "Extra" category that does not count as a training session (eg: meeting)
We made it possible to print the training plan with 2 or 3 exercises per sheet (images of smaller or larger exercises)

Regarding the "GAME" mode, in addition to the individual action totals, the system also started recording the total minutes played.

In club accounts with multiple coaches, it is now also possible to "CLONATE" an account in case the coach leaves the club. You can take with you all the information related to the work developed (the club will also have a copy).

In terms of the subscription program, we also updated the value of the ANNUAL PRO PLAN. Now, the annual value of 159 € allows to integrate a technical team of up to 4 coaches, all of whom can be working on the account at the same time.

One of Coach ID's big bets is also about adapting the app to FUTSAL. Coaches of the sport will already be able to use the app with their own design.

We invite you to explore Coach ID and take advantage of an increasingly updated platform already used by coaches around the world.

Find out all about Coach ID at https://coachidapp.com/request



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