Frequently Asked Question


How do I sign up for the application?

Download the application and create your account (team or club). Then go to your profile and enter the number of users and the number of teams you want to manage.

What payment methods are accepted?

Credit card and paypal.

What kind of subscriptions are there?

Monthly subscription;
Annual subscription;
Definitive subscription.

How do I make users the other members of my technical team?

In the staff register include their names and email. These elements will then receive an email to activate their accounts.

Do all users have access to all content?

Not necessarily. The account administrator can assign an “administrator” or “normal” license to other users. The difference is that in the license “administrator”; all the contents are visible while in “normal” the tool of creation of Game Model is inaccessible.

Who can be an administrator?

The administrator is the person who subscribes to the service. It may be any member of the technical team (usually but not necessarily the head coach), it can be a youth department coordinator or any element of the directive structure. The administrator has access to the information of all users/teams that subscribe with his account.

How many teams can a user have?

All he wants.

How many users can a team have?

All that the subscriber wants.


On what equipment can I use the software

The software is optimized for web and mobile. You can use it on any pc or tablet (ios or android system).

Can I access in my smartphone?

Only the COACH ID CONNECT app is optimized for smartphone.

Do I have to insert the information on the PC and in the tablet?

No. Everything you insert on one platform is immediately registered on the other (when internet connection is provided).

Does it work without internet?

Only the “game mode” can work without internet (login must be done previously). All data collected in game mode is in internal memory and will be updated as soon as you have internet access again.


What relationship is established between the different levels of organization of the game principles?

When you create a general principle the specific principles and representative principles (associated with the general principle) are “unlocked”. It is also possible to associate exercises and video to complete the illustration of the principles.
Ex: GP – Control of the game by possession of the ball; SP – Construction supported from behind; RP – Defensive midfield drops and construction starts with 3 players.

What does RPE mean?

Rated Perceived Exertion is a scale for measuring exercise intensity (internal load). This value is reached multiplying the training volume (min) by the intensity perceived by the players [See blog post].

What does UA mean?

Arbitrary Units of load. The unit of measurement assigned to the RPE value [see blog post].

What is acute load and chronical load?

Acute load is the average UA of the last 5 days. Chronical load is the UA average of the last 4 weeks (algorithm adopted by coach id).

What is the CA/CC ratio?

The product of the acute load by the chronic load will be optimal if it maintains between 0.8 and 1.3 (green color). Lower values ​​represent little adaptation to training (yellow color) and higher values ​​may represent overtraining (red color) [See blog post].

How and when is the RPE and the wellness questionnaire obtained?

After the end of the training unit (which the coach defined in the planning) the player receives a notification in his app and defines ​​the training in terms of intensity. The wellness questionnaire measures the athlete’s state of readiness and is related
with criteria of physical recovery and psychological state. It is reported in the
morning after the last workout (6 am).

Can I add more actions to the game?

Yes, you can add the actions you understand, give it name and rating (positive or negative). Note: Only the predefined actions in the software are counted for statistical purposes. What it is included by the user will be registered on the game report.

Can I edit/add actions after the game is over?

Yes. You can always add actions or edit those that were collected during the game.

Does the platform support video?

I this moment it´s not possible to upload videos to the software. Still, recognizing the importance of the images, we have created video buttons across several places in the app that allow the user to load a direct link to the video url.